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I'm trying to create a column in a list that users can upload a picture to. I found the Hyperlink or Picture, but this requires that users specify a URL for the image.

Is there way to create a column that will allow users to upload an image from their hard drive rather than specify a URL?

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Can you provision a Picture Library as a starting point and then customize that? That would give you a list with the built-in behaviour of an OOB picture library, rather than starting from a normal list.

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Not that I can think of. I would think that with some client side code, you could simulate that functionality by presenting the user an browse/upload screen that dumps the file into a picture/document library, gets the URL and places it back into the hyperlink field.

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Check this open source solution:

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Try using the Telerik Rad Editor (Lite) along with a Rich Text field and have the user embed the picture that way. Should work but you are making a blanket change on how your users interact with Rich Text Fields.

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