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I have a site collection on SP Standard 2010. I want to achieve a menu flyout like so:

A  B   C
a  b   c
a2 b2  c2

A, B, C are the parent menu and a,b,c are the submenu very easy.
I have made sure the publising features on the sitecollections and the subsites have been activated.

What do i need to do to get the dropdown menu as i have tried to create a site collection A and then created a subsite a and a2 but i don't get the dropdown feature even after changing the staticdisplay and maxdisplay setting in the masterpages.

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Do you have three site collections or just one? If A is a site collection, then the OOB navigation will not include B or C. You can add them manually via the Navigation link in Site Settings.

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Sorry lets A is a site collection but B & C are subsites –  naijacoder Jun 1 '11 at 3:34

This can be found under site settings -> navigation

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