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I am facing some problems when I create a recurrance event in the calendar. I used the calendar on "Quick Launch" and created a recurrance event for 3 days and the event name is displayed only once for 3 calendar days. Then I navigated to may home page and used that calendar as a webpart. Now when I look at the recurrance event, the event name is displayed just thrice but it covers 3 calendar days. I am using the same view for both of them. I am attaching the images for clarification.

This is the image on the calendar webpart Image1

This is the image from when I use the "Calendar" from quick launch Image2

Now my query is I want the event name to be displayed the same way as it is displayed in the webpart. Is it the default behaviour or did I miss something.

Note: I developed the solution on a standalone machine and there was no problem regarding the display of reccurance events. But when I save it as .wsp file and deploy it on a farm I am facing the above mentioned issue. Is there something that I need to do? Please suggest

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Hey folks, any suggestions??? – Chandra Shekhar Jun 1 '11 at 4:50
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You need to apply February 2011 SharePoint Foundation 2010 hotfix package.


Consider the following scenario You create a recurring event in a calendar list in a SharePoint Foundation 2010 site. You save the site that includes the site contents as a template. You create a new site by using that template.

In this scenario, the calendar list does not display the recurring event in the new site.

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