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I have a List where one of its field is based on the People Editor control. The field name is Organizer. How do I get the value if this field using SPlinq. When I iterate thru the list item in debug mode, I can see that the OrganizerImnName has a value. And in the intellisense of the SPLinq I can see this two attributes, OrganizerId and OrganizerImnName. When I try to get the value Like this

var results = from o in dc.GetList<OrganizerItem>("Organizer")
select new { Organizer =  o.OrganizerImnName };

I get this error The query uses unsupported elements, such as references to more than one list, or the projection of a complete entity by using EntityRef/EntitySet.

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This error means that o.OrganizerImnName (sp?) is a complex type, so you need to specify a property of that value, such as Title. Use Intellisense to see what properties are available.

You could also try: select new { Organizer = o.OrganizerItem.Title };

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Thanks Laurie. .ToList() solved my problem. You can find more here… – Agamand The True May 27 '11 at 15:14

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