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There is a SharePoint List from which many records have been deleted using CAML. The records are available in the Recycle Bin.

Is there an way to recover the records using scripting/CAML etc ? Since it's not efficient to recover the records manually.

Regards, André

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found something on… – Dre May 23 '11 at 7:35
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This code will restore all the items deleted from the specified list:

string listUrl = "web/relative/list/url"; // without leading slash!
var toRestore = new List<SPRecycleBinItem>();
foreach (SPRecycleBinItem recycleBinItem in web.RecycleBin)
    if (recycleBinItem.ItemType == SPRecycleBinItemType.ListItem
        && recycleBinItem.DirName.ToLowerInvariant() == listUrl.ToLowerInvariant())

foreach (var itemToRestore in toRestore)

Note: this code will require elevated privilegies, if you want to allow ordinary portal users to use it.

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