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In my solution catalog I have many sandboxed solution uploaded, I need to access the activated sandboxed solution in the Solution catalog.

Am accessing Solution catalog under a site as below

m_spSite.OpenWeb().Lists["Solution Gallery"];

I can then iterate through the list but problem is am not able to cast SPListItem to SPUserSolution hence i could not access the status of the solution.

How can I get the activated solution and its properties

Regards, Jeez

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Firstly, when using OpenWeb(), make sure you properly dispose of the resulting SPWeb object, or you may leak memory.

Secondly; the list items returned by Lists["Solution Gallery"] aren't the same as the SPUserSolution objects used to get them; you will need to load the SPUserSolution using the SPSite.Solutions property (which returns a SPUserSolutionCollection); and then using the index accessor to pull the required solution by Guid.

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