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We are using a Link to a Document contenttype. The url used in this contenttype contains an url like http://ont/abc/_layouts/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=N57YVKN5WQKX-2-2247. When testing this url it always opens the attachment of the item. Is it possible to use this way open the display form with the properties instead.

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After pasting a persistent URL to an Excel, Word or PowerPoint using the hyperlink shows DocIdRedir.aspx as title of file. Problem is coming only for .xls files. In the case of .doc & .ppt it's working fine. – user14746 Feb 7 '13 at 10:04
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As far as I know DocIdRedir.aspx does not support that option (which is a shame, as it could have been easily added) - I've read quite a lot of its code using reflector when doing some research on the Document ID feature. However, it should be very easy to achieve by writing a feature with a custom page that works similarly to DocIdRedir.aspx, but redirect to the display page instead of the document (in fact, you can add easily a query parameter to control that, so you have both options).

See also:

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I assume the link you want to change is in a listview. If so and you want a link to the edit form instead of the document, the easiest thing to do is modify the view on the document library. Hide the Document ID (linked to document) column and add the Edit (link to edit item) column.

If instead, you are constructing the link yourself elsewhere in your site, change it to use: http://ont/abc/your-document-library/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID={Id} Note: in this case you should use the ID field (1,2,3,etc.) in the query parameter, not the Document ID

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