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I would like to create a Calendar in SharePoint (I think is SP 2007) for my team where I can see the member workloads by specifying in the "People Selector" field the name of the person.

The problem is that in my current company we have limited access rights to manage SharePoint, therefore every time I try to synchronise Outlook with our Team Site it fails.

What kind of permission would I require to grant me the ability to synchronise Outlook?

Would there be another solution?

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It would be useful if you could add the error message you are getting. – Toni Frankola May 13 '11 at 10:04
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You need to have Use Client Integration Features permission enabled. By default this is enabled for everybody, but your SharePoint permissions were probably customized and this was disabled.

To change this, contact you administrator and ask him to customize permission levels for your group(s).

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