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I am looking for a new company to host several web sites. The plan must include:

-- Sharepoint 2010 Foundation (free version)

-- SQL Server


-- Shopping Cart - Specifically to allow users to make credit card purchases, including subscriptions to the site.

I have been looking, but have not been successful in finding the right company.

Also, my current provider seems to have some email issues with google, I fear their IPs may be blacklisted. Long story short, their email forwarding and lists are hit or miss, and I need reliable email services.

Can anyone recommend a hosting company?

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Some popular choices from the Sharepoint world are and Rackspace.

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Thanks for the recommendations. I found ASP Host Portal,, which offers both reasonable prices for SP 2010 and a Shopping Cart feature.

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You should try free web hosting services with They can fulfill the requirements you are looking for.

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for sharepoint you can try

to find from microsoft official hosting partner page at

I hosted my sharepoint hosting with

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I think you should try Godaddy OR hostgator quality hosting services with 24*7 support.

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