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I'm trying to remove a drop down sub-menu option from the page editing menu in moss 2007.

I'm using the following xml in my customeditingmenu.xml located in the masterpage gallery > Editing Menu.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
   <structure >   
           <ConsoleNode ConfigMenu="Delete" ChangedNodeID="saCancelApprovalWorkflow"/>
    </structure >

This should delete the node from navigation but after an IISreset it still appears.

I've confirmed that adding this to the editingmenu.xml file directly works.

Can anyone spot a problem with the syntax?

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have you read this stuff?

it's posted by Andrew Conell right after the msdn article

If you follow these steps explicitly, it won't work.

Under the section To create a custom server control that can change the configuration of >the Quick Access buttons, steps 9-11 say to create the CustomQuickAccess.XML file and >save it with your changes. That implies the file should reside in the same directory as >the QuickAccess.xml file. Using the out-of-the-box Publishing Portal template, that won't >work. This is because an actual CustomQuickAccess.XML file was created when the site was >created within the Editing Menu folder in the Master Page Gallery. This is the file that >the Page Editing Toolbar will examine to add custom buttons. The same applies for the >Page Editing menu (not just the Quick Access buttons).

Therefore, don't save your changes in a new file. Take the changes and apply them to the >CustomQuickAccess.XML file within the Editing Menu in the Master Page Gallery.

The documentation seems to imply this further up on the same page under the Caution note >in the Modify XML Data Source Files section.


src :

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You'll see from my post that I am making theses changes to the customeditingmenu.xml file in the master page gallery. – Anonymous Jan 26 '10 at 11:15

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