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I´m searching for an automated GUI test tool for SharePoint 2010. At the moment I´m creating automated GUI tests with PowerShell(IE Com Object) and Selenium(Creating with Selenium IDE and playing with RC Control at the IE). But in both cases they have a big problem with Silverlight (At the moment I must deactivate SL) Is there any other automated GUI test tool? Is it possible to automate Silverlight?

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You can use Team Foundation Server for UI tests. Chris O'Brien did a presentation on this at the UK Best Practices Conference. You can have a look at his slide deck on his blog at

He's going to be working on some more information on the subject.

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There is another Testing-Tool: TestComplete (which is a commercial product, btw)
It is pretty powerful, but i do not know how it handles Silverlight.
But there is a 30 day trial, so you can at least try it!

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If you have Visual Studio and can upgrade to Ultimate they have a way you can script tests, or record and edit tests to run on SharePoint. It's what I use for most of the GUI verification and for regression tests...haven't done much with Silverlight yet but I've had no problems with hitting those pages.

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