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I'm trying to customize my SharePoint site to be an internet facing site.

I know I can do this by setting up customized masterpages and page layouts, but I didn't find a lot of documentation for this.

What do I need to do to setup my site?

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The MSDN featured an article describing a real world scenario for branding SharePoint 2010 for an internet facing website:

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The above link is valid, but i would say that is more than that, if you want a proper experience. You need to consider URL addressing, Authentication mechanisms (Claims, Windows), user store, anonymous or not, whether you are extending one SP Web App or just starting with a dedicated one, what services would you offer, would you enable RSS, would you use CQWP for its rollup capabilities, etc.

Actually Waldek Mastyrkasy has a series of improving the actual experience via a study case, start here


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