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I've got a simple BCS model with a single entity for a test. The entity pulls from a Entity Data Model in a separate assembly. I'm using SharePoint Foundation so I used the feature receiver here to get it deployed.

I packaged the solution in VS2010 and deployed it using the following PowerShell commands:

$bcsSolution = Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath $solutionFileName
Install-SPSolution -Identity $bcsSolution -GACDeployment

The deployment goes fine, I attached to OWSTimer and the FeatureActivated event seems to process the BCS model correctly and import the model into SharePoint. Now the problem, I'm using a multi-tenant partitioned installation of SharePoint and BCS. I've read that the next step is to go into CA and add permissions to the BCS model but I get the following message when I try to manage the BDC Service from CA:

Unable to access partitioned Business Data Connectivity Service Application from Central Administration. This partitioned Service Application is accessible only from Tenant Administration.

So I created a Tenant Admin site for my tenant Site Collection when I click "Manage Business Data Connectivity" it shows "There are currently no BDC Models." Am I deploying this incorrectly?

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