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If I have an External Content type defined with a StreamAccessor that will end up referencing Word docx files stored in another system (reason for using BCS), what options do I have for updating the docx file? I'm aware of the ability to expose a BLOB using the stream accessor and WebParts to open up Word (assuming the BLOB is a Word docx), but do I have to use some custom VSTO solution or the BDC client runtime from Word in order to write back changes?

Any ideas are welcome.

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It looks like StreamAccessor is a read only process.

I'm not sure you could implement it in a custom BDC model and have word pick that up (the save method), you may need to look at VSTO, and leveraging a new method of saving back into the external system from the client.

VSTO does have a method that supports intercepting the "save" commands.

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