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In the OOTB 2007 Approval Workflow, users had the choice whether to allow reassignment of a workflow task and/or whether to allow the approver to request for a change. These options were presented as two checkboxes in the 2007 template. How is the option to disallow these behaviors acheived in the OOTB 2010 version of the Approval Workflow?

Edited: I should have clarified that few end users have access to SharePoint Designer in our environment, so I was looking for a method to allow users to specify this from the UI.

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  • In SPD, select the Approval workflow (your copy, rather than the original as advised by Kishork)
  • Click Edit workflow under Customization
  • Click on Approval in the action: Start Approval process on Current Item
  • Uncheck Reassignment and Change Requests under Settings
  • Publish
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  • Open site in SPD
  • Select Workflows in the Site Objects on left nav
  • Right click on approval workflow and make a copy (Don't make changes to the original WF)
  • Click on the Approval Task Workflow
  • Uncheck Reassignment
  • Save and associate with your list/doc lib
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