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I have a custom application page with a form and a submit button. After Submit is clicked some code behind is executed and the user is redirected to the fill-out form again.

I would like to add a Notifcation which appears after the code execution is done so the user knows the updates were done correctly.

Can I use the build in namespace for this (I can not use it in my .cs file anyway)?

SP.UI.Notify.addNotification = function(strHtml, bSticky) { } 
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How about when you redirect the user to fill another form (or the same) then pass the status on the url as a parameter eg: htt://yoursite/Yournewform.aspx?status=Success

And then load you can run javascript to display the notification

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You can set the page status serverside using the PageStatusSetter.

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Hi Wouter, do you have any examples of this? – Wim Hill May 6 '11 at 7:41

You cannot use it in your .cs file, but what you can do is add a check in your page for when the page is postback, and if it does then render the javascript syntax for SP.UI.Notify in your CreateChildControls or Render methods.

For more information about SP.UI.Notify you should check out Zevensea's post.

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