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I looked around for a bit but couldn't find anything. Is there something like this built in?

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No, not built in, the closest thing would be the lookup field picker for Person or the BCS entity picker, or the metadata picker. But nothing that autocompletes as you type.

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There is an autocomplete function in SPServices that is pretty simple to incorporate if jquery is an option for you. This is not out of the box, but it can be accomplished via the web interface. http://spservices.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=$().SPServices.SPAutocomplete&referringTitle=Documentation

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Yes if you are using Managed Metadata. An Managed Metadata column will autocomplete as you type with the options set up in your Managed Metadata.

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Another often seen approach is to use an EntityPicker, you know, a textbox with the two icons next to it to validate / browse the data repository. Bit of a shameless plug, but this article on MSDN provides the details:



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