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I have 4 views "All Documents" "Agreements" "Permits" "Deeds" I want to display all 4 of them above my document library but only 3 get displayed and the fourth gets placed in the "..." section. I believe this modification is possible through sharepoint designer, but I was curious if anyone knew how to achieve this through the web environment.

Thank you

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I do not think that can be done. It shows the 4th view only once we click on it. (Dynamic HTML)

But I found a workaround.

  1. Go to Edit Page.
  2. Click on Add web part and add a content editor with the links to all 4 views.
  3. Edit list view web part and disable the view selector menu. Also if needed, set tool bar to no tool bar and remove search. (Look where to edit using screenshot)

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Thank you, It seems like such a simple modification I figured there would be a way, but guess not... –  jamalsabs Aug 20 at 17:10
These html injection scripts are frustrating to customize –  Christoffel de Gruyter Aug 20 at 20:40

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