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I want to change the first message when you create a new alert. See example below:

Tried this for making a custom alert

on added posts:

And this works fine, but you cannot change the first alert message here. Any Ideas about where to change this?

Alert 'PostsNinja' has successfully been added on 'ImageBlog'. You will receive alerts according to the delivery method, timing and criteria that were selected when the alert was created. You can change this alert or any of your other alerts on the My Alerts on this Site page.

I know how to do this for item added by using the alerttemplate xml file, but can not find for the first message.

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What you need to do is to avoid sending a confirmation automatically when creating the alert:

var newAlert = currentUser.Alerts.Add();
bool sendmail= false;

Then send the subscription manually instead using:

SPUtility.SendEmail(myWeb,headers,"You got mail");

The email template can for example be stored in a resource file.

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