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Currently I am trying to reference my SiteCollection Style Library image directory in a javascript file linked up to a DocumentLibrary Webpart in a subsite.

The current directory I am attempting to do this is

 src="/Style Library/images/'

I believe this should have worked as I replicated the xlsx icon generation by using


Well I just cut and pasted the html src to my Sitecollection webpath and I am able to get the image to show up so currently I am unaware of what the issue is.

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Ahh ha I found out the answer.

The path


point to the host web path of

If you wish to access a sitecollection Style Library then you will need to add that onto the url such as

/Sites/Style library/ ...      

or what ever you have named your site collection. Now the weird thing about this is that the tolken for JSLink you can only use

~controlTemplates ~layouts ~site ~sitecollection

I believe then this means that if you wish to use the JSLink to a javascript file on your host site when you are on a different sitecollection you will have to use the full https:// url path to your javascript file.

Kinda silly but hopefully one day they will give us a token that will allow a quick reference to the host web of your site.

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