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My site crawling was ok but suddenly it crawled only few pages. When check the history it showed deleted by the gatherer.

After that I did the reset index and I did the full crawl again but still it shows same old crawled count only.

But my other websites crawling is fine

What can the problem be?

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this error is possible if multiple crawls running at the same time can lead to a collision with the results getting put into the search index, if this happens too often the content will be removed as being unseen. There is a 3 day limit on keeping results, if the content is not found again within that time then it will be removed.

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Thanks for the reply I did restart the search server and did the Index reset but still not showing all the pages. Earlier I specified the sitemap url in the content source. Since it’s not working now, I specified all the URLs in the content source which is working. But I want to use the sitemap URL as earlier. – yeshansachithak Aug 7 '14 at 5:27

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