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I would venture to guess the answer to this is no but I am going to ask anyway...

Is there any way, without an event handler, to set "column b" equal to "column a" without changing the default value of "column b".

I am trying to set a "single line of text" column equal to the value of a "choice" dropdown column. In my situation I cannot use a calculated column.

Full Explanation: In an Outlook 2010 calendar I can send values back and forth to SharePoint on a column named "Categories". This column will send data from SharePoint to Outlook no matter what type it is. However, Outlook appears to only send changes to SharePoint if the column is the type "single line of text". How can I set a column to the type "choice" and yet still accept changes from Outlook in SharePoint when the column must be a "single line of text"?

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