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I have a list of simple out of office events, each one has a Start Date and an End Date - both Date&Time fields set to Date Only.

I displayed those events in a calendar view and to my surprise the events are displayed differently: sometimes an event ending on 2nd August covers this day visually in the calendar, sometimes it doesn't.

I tried to find the cause and I added a simple calculated column that displays the End Date formatted as a date and time. And to my surprise (again) it revealed that there is a hidden time inside those values, but different for different items: sometimes 17:00, sometimes 00:00, 23:59 or even 14:20. enter image description here

I thought this might be due to regional settings that the users creating the items set for themselves (some of us are based in germany, some of us in Poland) but items created by the same person have different hours set, so this doesn't seem like the cause.

Why does it behave like this? I never experienced such a behaviour in SharePoint and I created calendar views a couple of times. How can I get this to work properly?

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