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I have been able to successfully format a list based on due date. Eg. Due date - 7 is green and due date >= current date in red. etc.

I have done this using SPD2010. The challenge here is that the formatting is lost when the month changes over. Eg: Current date: 25th of July and Due date: 1st of Aug, we do not see the rows formatted. Here's what I have:

ddwrt:DateTimeTick(ddwrt:GenDisplayName(string($thisNode/@Due_x0020_date))) >=  ddwrt:DateTimeTick(ddwrt:GenDisplayName(string(@Current_x0020_Date))) and $thisNode/@Status != 'Completed' and (number(ddwrt:FormatDateTime(ddwrt:FormatDate(string($thisNode/@Due_x0020_date),1033,1),1033,'yyyyMMdd')-7) < number(ddwrt:FormatDateTime(ddwrt:FormatDate(string(@Current_x0020_Date),1033,1),1033,'yyyyMMdd')))

Any solution out will be hugely appreciated.

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