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I have a question regarding Custom actions:

Basically what I would like to have is a custom action to shown only when the list.RootFolder.Properties.ContainsKey().

This action is located in the ribbon.

Any idea on how I can do that?

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To answer my own question, I found a solution by creating custom action automatically when my feature by anyway is activated.

I used SPUserCustomAction, here is a piece of code for someone who will be interested, the code is shortned, but you will see the idea:

 SPUserCustomAction action = list.UserCustomActions.Add();
                action.Title = "";
                action.Description = "";
                action.Location = "CommandUI.Ribbon";
                action.Sequence = 10000;

                action.CommandUIExtension = @"<CommandUIExtension>
        <CommandUIDefinition Location="">
          <Button />
        <CommandUIHandler />
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