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For a client I'm facing a challenge. We've got a hybrid SharePoint 2013 environment in which:

  • Office 365 will contains the new yet to be built 'collaboration rooms' where people will collaborate on documents, etc.
  • On-premise SP 2013 contains the intranet and MySites (The MySites are local because of the fact that on the intranet filtering/audiencing happens based on the user profile properties that are filled in)

We already use ADFS and Dirsync for our identity management.

A requirement of my customer is that they want to show the user's newsfeed from the collaboration sites in Office 365 (for instance the followed sites and any activity happening in them).

Am I correct that we need to implement a server-to-server trust to make sure a webpart (for instance) on the on-premise environment is able to make a (authenticated) call to the Office 365 social API (https://<sp url>/_api/social.feed/my/news) and retrieve and how the current user's activity on the collaboration environment?

Or is there any other way to retrieve this information of the current user and present it in the on-premise environment?

And finally, will this newsfeed functionality in Office 365 work when the MySites of users are in the on-premise environment?

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