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I have one SP2013 server, and several web applications, let's say webapp1, webapp2.

On the first one, everything's ok. I'm able to open office files, edit them etc.
But on the second one, some day, it works, the next day, doesn't work... it's a bit annoying since nobody have access to it, except me, and I'm sure I didn't connect to it and did something.

Explanations :

  • The first one is set up with AD Authentication. While the 2nd one, is set up with AD Auth and FBA (in bold because this is where the problem is imo).
  • The First one is set up to use HTTPS with a cert, and not the second one (because for now, it still a test one, and I'm not really able to put the same cert for 2 web apps).

How can it works one day, and not the day after ... I have no idea about how to troubleshoot this. So any help would be appreciated.

I insist that on two days without any changes, I couldn't open any office file.

I got two kind of errors :

  1. I open a file, it opens up Excel (for example, same with Word, and same with File I created myself, or I put in my list, or even with file format as xls). Then, day 1 : asking credentials with my custom FBA page. Day 2 : asking credentials with windows form. So If I'm currently log with FBA Account, I cannot access anything obviously since it uses windows Auth.
  2. I open my file, and not asking for any credentials, showing me the file (sometimes not), then I click on "Modify File", brings an error telling me that the server not respond, file doesn't exist, or w/e.

Feel free to ask for more informations or details.

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