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I work on different collaborative web portals. I'm using list template with MOSS but I've got an issue. More precisely, I uploaded the .stp file (the template) in the list template gallery, then I'm able to create my list via the template.

It works. I've got 10 collaborative web portails (for different customers), it's the same template site for each site.

My template list worked with 8 of them, but I'm getting an error while creating the list via my template on 2 of them. When I click on "create" the list (after giving it a name/description), this is the error message:

Error: Trying to use an spweb object that has been closed or disposed and is no longer valid

The list is created, but isn't displayed. When I try to access it via the quick launch menu it displays me the spweb error once again. I don't understand, can anyone can help me? I don't have access to designer or "server rights".

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I tried some tests, and I found at what cause this error. On my main list, the "mother list" (the one I used to create my template), I've got a webpart, more precisely a CEWP in which I only link my .html file (a script for adding some colors to the list). It works on my main list, and I deployed it on 8 others sites, no errors, perfect. But I've got 2 sites where it's not working. I tried create a new template whitout the webpart, and it's working. So my problem come from the webpart. How can it be possible? Working on 8 sites, doing the same procedure, and throwing an error on 2 other sites? –  Funnycuni Jul 22 '14 at 12:06

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