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helps right way of stopping search service on sharepoint foundation 2014, steop by step. Thanks You

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give us more details,what you mean by stopping the search? – Waqas Sarwar MCSE Jul 21 '14 at 16:31
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Well you can start or stop a service application from central administration -- the reference is here:

To start or stop a service by using Central Administration

  1. Confirm that the user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Farm Administrators SharePoint Group
  2. On the the SharePoint Central Administration website, click System Settings.
  3. On the System Settings page, in the Servers section, click Manage services on server.
  4. To change the server on which you want to start or stop the service, on the Server menu, click Change Server, and then click the server name that you want.
  5. By default, only configurable services are displayed. To view all services, on the View menu, click All.
  6. To start or stop a service, click Start or Stop in the Action column of the relevant service.
  7. Click OK to start or stop the service.

You can also do this through PowerShell - the procedure is described in the same link as above

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