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Using object model I need to add an item to a list. The list has 4 custom content types. Depending on data provided I need the item to be of a specific content type.

How is this done?

Using SPListItem oItem = list.AddItem(); does not accept a content type as a parameter. Neither can you set it later it seems the property is read only.

Any ideas?

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I also have the same problem... can you please help me if you found the solution for that... thanks... – user4928 Sep 28 '11 at 16:54
user4928 - if you have a simliar problem that my answer does not solve, then please create a new question and explain why my answer isn't relevant. The answer to your problem may help others! :) – James Love Sep 28 '11 at 22:06

Use SPList.Items.Add() to return the item you're adding (as an instance of SPListItem), instead of SPList.AddItem().

Then you can update the ContentTypeId using myListItem["ContentTypeId"] to set the content type.

Here's an example:

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