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I am trying to remove all Mysite newsfeed comments via powershell in preparation for a new site release (getting debugging and test comments out, etc.)...

I am using the Remove-SPSocialItemByDate powershell command ( and following multiple examples found there and in the Powershell for sharepoint 2013 How-To... but I consistently get the same error.


Add-PsSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
##This script removes comments, ratings and tags made before EndDate value
$userProfProxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where { $_.DisplayName -eq 'User Profile Service Application' }
Remove-SPSocialItemByDate -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy $userProfProxy -RemoveComments 1 -EndDate 7/1/2014


Name Type Id
---- ---- --
User Profile Serv... User Profile Serv... 08d859ab-14e6-45a0-80cb-e2c74c312422

Remove-SPSocialItemByDate : Query processor could not produce a query plan because of the hints defined in this query. Resubmit the query without specifying any hints and without using SET FORCEPLAN. At line:7 char:1 + Remove-SPSocialItemByDate -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy $userProfProxy -Remove ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (Microsoft.Offic...moveSocialItems:SPCmdletRemoveSocialItems) [Remove-SPSocialItemByDate], SqlException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.PowerShell.SPCmdletRemoveSocialItems

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Try this.

Add-PsSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
$userProfProxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where { $_.DisplayName -eq 'User Profile Service Application' }
Remove-SPSocialItemByDate -RemoveComments 1 -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy $userProfProxy -EndDate 7/1/2014

To remove tag

Remove-SPSocialItemByDate -RemoveTags 1 -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy c6681d53-e6c4-432f-9f31-22d3de81b00c -EndDate 9/15/2009
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Maybe I'm not seeing correctly, but this looks just like the code that I posted that is not working. – Robbie Jul 4 '14 at 17:11
the order is different. The code that i posted is state -RemoveComment before -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy – Supermode Jul 7 '14 at 0:03

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