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I have created a list in SharePoint 2010 via a published InfoPath 2010 form. The fields/columns of the list are of different types like Single line of text, Integer, Date and Time, Yes/No, Number etc.

For the export I have created a list view that contains all the fields that I need. When I export the list from SharePoint to Excel 2010, with "Export to Excel" button, all columns/fields get exported EXCEPT for Integers. They are left out in the Excel file result/outcome.

I have created several SharePoint lists via InfoPath 2010 form with the same results.

What could be the problem? Have this happened to anyone else?

All help is welcome!



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It works fine for me when creating a list using the normal UI. Can you confirm if this is occurring only when creating lists using InfoPath? – Ryan Jun 14 '11 at 16:51
@Max: Can you please add more information so that we can give you a better answer? You can edit your question and then flag for a mod to re-open. Maybe steps to reproduce the issue? – Kit Menke Jul 15 '11 at 19:02