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I am using the following Query to retrieve the latest documents of the current user:

            <FieldRef Name='FSObjType'></FieldRef>
            <Value Type='Text'>0</Value>
                <FieldRef Name='Author' />
                <Value Type='Integer'><UserID/></Value>
                <FieldRef Name='Editor'/>
                <Value Type='Integer'><UserID/></Value>

 <FieldRef Name="Modified" Ascending="FALSE"/>

It is failing if the total number of documents in the site collection is higher than the threshold limit, even if the return result of the above query is only a few documents.

How to change the above query so that i don't risk exceeding the threshold.

Example, user1 has changed 5 documents in a list that contains 7000 documents. i want to display those 5 documents using the above query. If the list threshold is less than 7000, i get an exception. How to change the above query so not to exceed the threshold limit?

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Pretty sure there's a rowLimit to apply. You should be able to add this using this element in CAML


You can see how to apply this on MSDN.


Per your comment below, I think perhaps the ContentIterator is more what you need (code sample included). This should allow you to iterate over each matching item.

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I believe rowlimit will execute after getting the result, which has no effect, no? – Zee99 Mar 28 '11 at 14:26
I suspect you're right. I'll share other thoughts in a different answer. – Neil Richards Mar 28 '11 at 16:39

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