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I am having a problem accessing Azure Managed Cache from my Office365 SharePoint autohosted app. I am getting following error:

Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime Error: 102 : Role environment . FAILED TO INITIALIZE. hr: -2147024894

I followed below mentioned steps:

  1. Created new Azure Cache service - Basic, 128MB

  2. Created new SharePoint Autohosted app.

  3. Installed Nuget package - Windows Azure Cache - on SharePoint app web project

  4. Modified Web.config-

    < autoDiscover isEnabled="true" identifier="[MyCacheServiceUrl]" />
    < securityProperties mode="Message" sslEnabled="false">
    < messageSecurity authorizationInfo="[MyPrimaryAccessKey]" />
    < /securityProperties>
    < /dataCacheClient>

Let me know if I am missing any step.

Thanks in advance.

Additional Information:

I am getting - 'RoleEnvironment.IsAvailable' false

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