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The problem is harder than it sounds. will try to describe it.

I have a HelpDesk Task list that consist of a such columns.

...... Title ..... | ... Assigned to |     Progress    |     Due Date    |  etc.

Printer problem    |      .Vadim.    |       50% .     |     15.03.10    |

Now i need to create some chart that will take information from this task list, and give me such an info like: Technician Vadim has 10 tasks, 3 of them completed 50%, 7 comlited 100%.

Is it possible to do it? I've tried it with PKI, Indicators, without success.

Please i really need it. If you can show me the way or even direction where to dig, i can do it. Just tell me where and with whith tools i have to do it.

I'm using Sharepoint enterprise server 2010, i've dashboard and share-point designer installed.

Thank you very much!

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this is the list: dl.dropbox.com/u/23076913/helpdesk.bmp –  user2715 Mar 22 '11 at 16:50
This product may do what you want - Pivot Tables and Charts without excel services - pentalogic.net/sharepoint-products/pivotpoint/… –  Ryan Jul 12 '11 at 15:08

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There are a number of charting packages available, as well as the .NET chart controls that you could utilize.

A pay for product with support http://www.dundas.com/dashboard/features/sharepoint-dashboards.aspx

Free alternatives: http://chartpart.codeplex.com/ http://charts4sharepoint.codeplex.com/

And if you don't have access or cant get a solution installed you can fall back on utilizing JavaScript / XML / XSLT. Some links to get you started:


*they use Google charts in above example, but it can be modified and use Yahoo charts, JQuery charts, Fusion Charts, VisiFire charts, or other opensource/free charting tool.

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I think you can easily achieve this OOB, following the diff options (only 4 is dependent on 3)

  1. Use the OOB Chart WebParts
  2. Can use Excel Services, access the data using the data connection/webservice
  3. Advanced Sol. : User PowerPivot and design a cube with slicers and dicers :)
  4. Advanced Sol. : Use the Power Pivot xls and Datasource into Performance Point and design amazing reports (I think this is an overkill, have to configure cache, security...etc)
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You can create/customize SharePoint Gantt chart using SharePoint designer - http://www.indrasani.com/?p=16

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You can create/customize SharePoint Gantt chart using SharePoint designer - http://www.indrasani.com/creating-gantt-chart-using-sharepoint-designer/

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I think you have two options: you can create a Gantt type chart (http://nevron.com/gallery/FullGalleries/chart/floatbar/images/gantt-chart.png) or you can create a bar chart with a drill down , where each bar can represent the person to whom the tast has been assigned, or the task itself. It's up to you... Take a look at this: http://support.nevron.com/KB/a203/create-interactive-drill-down-chart-in-sharepoint.aspx?KBSearchID=19502

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