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I want to update title field from Name column immediately after file attachment in document library. Is it possible ?

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Simply use the Update List Item activity in SPD.

  1. On the Update List Item dialog click the Add button
  2. Set Set this field to Title
  3. Click the fx button to the right of the To this value field
  4. On the Define Workflow Lookup dialog, select Name from the Field from Source dropdown.
  5. Click OK 3 times.

Should do the trick.

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Didn't quite work here. I could add everything you said, but there is an extra section at the bottom of the Update List Item dialog box called Find the List Item, with a description that is typically not clear to me. Apparently this is required because if you leave them blank and click OK, the dialog box just stays there. I have tried several values for that section but always get an error when I try to run the workflow. – user18791 Aug 7 '13 at 19:15

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