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I am setting up a webdesign and the headers of the webpart titles is to be designed with an image which has bowed corners. The issue is that the webparts can have dynamical widths. I used FireBug to check how the webpart headers is constructed and found 2 TD on each side of the header

<tr class="ms-WPHeader">
    <td align="left" class="ms-wpTdSpace">
    <td align="left" class="ms-wpTdSpace">

These 2 I can use to put in the bowed corners to make the rest of the headers background dynamical in width.

So - I wondered where I can find the file which constructs the "Default" Chrome Type?

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You could read Heather Solomons post on rounded corners. Its for SP2007 so classes are probably different, but still it might help you

Not sure what you mean with "file which constructs chrome type", but you define the chrome type in the web part, where you can set it to:

  • Default A border setting inherited from the part control's containing zone.
  • TitleAndBorder A title bar and a border.
  • None No border and no title bar.
  • TitleOnly A title bar only, without a border.
  • BorderOnly A border only, without a title bar.
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