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I am trying to load a drop down list with the same items that a lookup field uses. I thought it would be relatively straightforward, but the line

SPList lookupList = lookupWeb.Lists[lookupField.LookupList];

Throws an exception despite the list with that ID existing in the SPWeb. (I checked both through the object model and SharePoint Manager)

        SPFieldLookup lookupField = targetLibrary.Fields["DocumentType"] as SPFieldLookup;
        using (SPWeb lookupWeb = SPContext.Current.Site.OpenWeb(lookupField.LookupWebId))
            SPList lookupList = lookupWeb.Lists[lookupField.LookupList];
            foreach (SPListItem item in lookupList.Items)
                ddlDocumentType.Items.Add(new ListItem(item["Title"].ToString(), item["ID"].ToString()));

List '{843fa16d-ec85-45c3-8d27-20d0241d41d6}' does not exist at site with URL

Is there something simple I am missing?

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So SPFieldLookup has an actual Guid for LookupWebId property and only a string for the LookupList property. So the line

SPList lookupList = lookupWeb.Lists[lookupField.LookupList];

Is using the string override which looks up the list name.

So the learning here, yet again, is do not expect the SharePoint object model to be consistent in any way.

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